Human sexuality, as an ideology is more individualistic than general. The onus is resting on this write-up to consider the meaning and conceptualization of human sexuality in a personal perspective.  Intuitively, sexuality is what characterizes us as human beings. It refers to the act of being gender sensitive, the way people express themselves sexually. This involves biological, physical, emotional, social and spiritual sexual expressions. Human sexuality is the holistic belief of a person towards the concept of sexuality i.e. the behavioral patterns of someone on sex-related issues. One could observe that there are various human sexualities evident all around the world in our contemporary society. This ranges from; bisexuality, homosexuality, heterosexuality, trans-sexuality, bestiality, celibacy etc, thus we have people that are she-males, gays, lesbians, sissies, perverts, pedophiles, nuns/eunuchs to mention but a few.

It is crystal clear that the society has embraced some sexual behaviors as normal but vehemently despises others that are considered as being obnoxious. This lends credence to what can categorized as equivocal sexualities and unequivocal sexualities. From my understanding they include: (i) Equivocal Sexualities in the Society: Bestiality (Sex with animals), Homosexuality/bisexuality/Same sex partners (Lesbianism, Gay), Incest (Sex with relatives), Tran-sexuality (Changing sexual organ), Pedophiles (Sex with minors), Sex with humanoids and Perverts (Uncontrollable sexual activities). (ii) Unequivocal Sexualities in the Society: Heterosexuality (Sex with opposite sex), Celibacy (religious nuns, eunuchs) or abstinence.

The acceptability and non-acceptability of sexual tendencies, depends mainly on the cultural value system of one locality to the other. This brings to mind the Western hemisphere’s visible sexual freedom and the African counterparts. The debates of legalizing some sexuality are still very fresh in the news. However, that is not the bone of contention here, the fact remains that people express themselves sexually, in accordance with what they believe to be satisfying to them. Talking about satisfaction, the society is witnessing the advent of sex dolls for men, who find them satisfying sexually than the female counterparts. Today, the market is saturated with dolls that are sexually intensified with body warmth and functioning female genitals. The examples of Jia jia and Harmony are looming. The rationale behind the creation of these dolls is said to be for helping “shy men” and men with high sexual libido. Personally, this appears ridiculous and bewildering; however some men are ‘head over heels’ in love with these inanimate objects, irrespective of how expensive they are, they are very willing to purchase and own a sexual doll to satisfy their human sexuality. This connotes a sense of moral decadence confronting the society as a result of human abuse of humanoids and this negates God’s command about sexual obligations and reproduction. Perverts will be encouraged and there will be a high chance of marital disruption when people become comfortable to marry robots than the female folks.

Considering my religious backdrop and cultural affiliation, I believe that any sexuality devoid of the normal cohabitation of a man and woman as instructed by God in the bible, and exemplified by our forebears, is considered as a sin against God and humanity. Some believe that every human is born with his/her sexual preference; this could imply that God created everybody that way. Whereas, this is arguable, God condemns obnoxious sexualities like homosexuality, bestiality, incest etc. (1 Cor. 6: 9, Lev 20:13, Rom. 1: 26-31). From these biblical references, God, being righteous, could not condemn an unnatural appetite or sinful desire in a person and at the same time creates a person with that desire. It is illogical. Furthermore, some believe that unacceptable human sexualities could be tied to the influence of demonism, a disorder in the genes or something related. The fact still remains that human sexuality is a conscientious decision and not enforcement.

Overall, I believe human sexuality is a personal phenomenon and should not be a controversial one in any ramification. Social problems such as sexual harassments, rape, sex slavery, sex dolls etc. should be adequately rebuked and condemned in our society. Human sexuality is to be morally inclined and anything outside that is problematic for the society. In other words, if one’s sexuality is becoming a concern to the peaceful coexistence of others, it is wrong. Therefore, individuals should be considerate, moral and sane about their sexual expressions in the society.

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Most recently, the gory sight of the casualties of a church in Ozubulu-Anambra Nigeria, has inundated the social media, showing the deaths and injuries of many ill-fated worshippers. Irrespective of its alleged drug-baron related cause, this draconian massacre has undoubtedly left questions about the Church being the safest haven for Gods’ people.  

Rethinking the concept of theodicy, it is important to reiterate the goodness of God even at the evidence of evil in this world. To think of the evil is to think of God in His magnanimity, “folding His arms” at the glance of such gruesome invasion of His sanctuary. God is mysterious! 

It is ostensible that He had the prerogative to abate the ugly incident, taking cognizance of His Omni-present and Omni-potent attributes. However, a fact quickly surfaces that; we mortals are at the mercy of God’s whims and Caprices. His decisions are strictly unequivocal and irrevocable. Hence, we reserve no human rights to question His authority.  

Be that as it may, at this doleful moment, I condemn this sacrilege and I’m calling for proper justice. However, we remain resolute as Christians that our God is unquestionable and Wise; and the gate of hell shall not prevail over the Church of God. May the souls of the faithful departed rest in perfect peace.  

#PrayForOzubulu #PrayForNigeria

Zaccheaus Gbenga (The Incurable Optimist)

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Dr. Zak Quotes


Religion is the keynote of life in every society and the bedrock of morality. It is a great aberration to undermine the study of such a phenomenon that is central to the co-existence of the people… Share until ‘they’ can relate to this truism!

Zaccheaus Gbenga (The Incurable Optimist)

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I owe utmost allegiance to the Supreme Being and to every individual that is connected to my existence on earth. Admittedly, my nascence and sojourn in this chthonic world so far is summarily hinged on God’s grace and favour in all ramifications.

To think of how ephemeral life appears to be, is to admit that our traverse to the preternatural depends solely on a life of rectitude and nothing less. This is adumbrated in Oriental religions as; Right Understand, Right Attitude, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Efforts, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration. All these should guide our human relational conducts.

I can reiterate that the imbalance and sufferings (Tanha) in our society is borne out of human egocentric cravings of vanity. Unfortunately, it is endless because harbendi harbendo creseit (having increases having), making it a game of survival of the fittest till death separates. 

Today, I am incurably optimistic as usual that we can eradicate every anodyne of monstrosity in the world with the power of love and humanitarian spirit. With a morally emulous and ethically propitous mindset, we can revive the economic autarchy of Nigeria.

Enough is enough! I crave our kindest indulgence to make this world a better place! 

Zaccheaus G.A 2017

Thanks for the Birthday wishes, I’m most grateful. Love you all!

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The Cross-Mania series
Mèros 1

The acronym TGIF is not new to us. The rationale is to thank God for another weekend with a relaxational and funfilled expectation. Lo! This Friday is different, it is good Friday. What constitutes the prefix ‘good’ is the salvation manifestation of Jesus that this day reminds.

It wasn’t funfilled for Him yet the Joy was set to save humankind. He was scourged, forced to bear the Crossbeam. The nails were driven through the wrist and feet. It took hours of hideous pain as the extremities turned slowly gangrenous. Death was caused by loss of blood circulation and coronary failure. Jesus suffered the most painful and degrading form of capital punishment of ancient Rome.

However, the Cross became also the means by which Jesus became the atoning sacrifice for our sins. It also became a symbol for the sacrifice of self in discipleship (Rom 12:1) and for the death of self to the world (Mark 8:34).

Hence, the salvation makes the Friday good! You can make it a better Friday by accepting this salvation offer. Also, make it the best Friday by sharing the goodnews! Thank God Its Good Friday (TGIGF)! God bless.

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XENOPHOBIA: A Brobdingnagian Offence Against Humanity and African Brotherhood


It is quite ironical that a country that was formerly known for Apartheid struggle is now embracing Xenophobia, despite the level of enlightenment in this century. Without being skeptical, xenophobia is highly condemnable, irrespective of the causing factors, it indicates that there is a paradigm shift in the concept of African Brotherhood and peaceful co-existence, which had been maintained by our forebears since time immemorial.

It is shameful that the pendulum of being a brother’s keeper has swung to being a brother’s Killer! Our Countrymen are ignorantly being murdered on the African soil. As a matter of fact, it is painful that ‘black’ men are shot with ‘black’ guns by ‘black’ hands for ‘black’ reasons. What an Aberration! This could have been a nightmare than this regretful reality that ‘Cain’ is brutally killing ‘Abel’ again for no just cause.

As a matter of concern, where is the idea of “Umundu Amanda Umundu” advocated by Julius Nyerere? Arise! Nelson Mandela come and warn your children! Oh God of Peace, we need Your help to stop this brobdingnagian offence against humanity and African Brotherhood!


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