I owe utmost allegiance to the Supreme Being and to every individual that is connected to my existence on earth. Admittedly, my nascence and sojourn in this chthonic world so far is summarily hinged on God’s grace and favour in all ramifications.

To think of how ephemeral life appears to be, is to admit that our traverse to the preternatural depends solely on a life of rectitude and nothing less. This is adumbrated in Oriental religions as; Right Understand, Right Attitude, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Efforts, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration. All these should guide our human relational conducts.

I can reiterate that the imbalance and sufferings (Tanha) in our society is borne out of human egocentric cravings of vanity. Unfortunately, it is endless because harbendi harbendo creseit (having increases having), making it a game of survival of the fittest till death separates. 

Today, I am incurably optimistic as usual that we can eradicate every anodyne of monstrosity in the world with the power of love and humanitarian spirit. With a morally emulous and ethically propitous mindset, we can revive the economic autarchy of Nigeria.

Enough is enough! I crave our kindest indulgence to make this world a better place! 

Zaccheaus G.A 2017

Thanks for the Birthday wishes, I’m most grateful. Love you all!

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The Cross-Mania series
Mèros 1

The acronym TGIF is not new to us. The rationale is to thank God for another weekend with a relaxational and funfilled expectation. Lo! This Friday is different, it is good Friday. What constitutes the prefix ‘good’ is the salvation manifestation of Jesus that this day reminds.

It wasn’t funfilled for Him yet the Joy was set to save humankind. He was scourged, forced to bear the Crossbeam. The nails were driven through the wrist and feet. It took hours of hideous pain as the extremities turned slowly gangrenous. Death was caused by loss of blood circulation and coronary failure. Jesus suffered the most painful and degrading form of capital punishment of ancient Rome.

However, the Cross became also the means by which Jesus became the atoning sacrifice for our sins. It also became a symbol for the sacrifice of self in discipleship (Rom 12:1) and for the death of self to the world (Mark 8:34).

Hence, the salvation makes the Friday good! You can make it a better Friday by accepting this salvation offer. Also, make it the best Friday by sharing the goodnews! Thank God Its Good Friday (TGIGF)! God bless.

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XENOPHOBIA: A Brobdingnagian Offence Against Humanity and African Brotherhood


It is quite ironical that a country that was formerly known for Apartheid struggle is now embracing Xenophobia, despite the level of enlightenment in this century. Without being skeptical, xenophobia is highly condemnable, irrespective of the causing factors, it indicates that there is a paradigm shift in the concept of African Brotherhood and peaceful co-existence, which had been maintained by our forebears since time immemorial.

It is shameful that the pendulum of being a brother’s keeper has swung to being a brother’s Killer! Our Countrymen are ignorantly being murdered on the African soil. As a matter of fact, it is painful that ‘black’ men are shot with ‘black’ guns by ‘black’ hands for ‘black’ reasons. What an Aberration! This could have been a nightmare than this regretful reality that ‘Cain’ is brutally killing ‘Abel’ again for no just cause.

As a matter of concern, where is the idea of “Umundu Amanda Umundu” advocated by Julius Nyerere? Arise! Nelson Mandela come and warn your children! Oh God of Peace, we need Your help to stop this brobdingnagian offence against humanity and African Brotherhood!


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That Moment

image Surely, irrespective of our religious affiliations, there will be an unsolicited moment that each of us will see our ourselves gasping for breath, perhaps giving up on all resuscitation efforts. Why not live a life that will make that moment interesting? (Zaccheaus G. 2017)

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Recently, my thought reflects a comparison of life with a movie. Life is like a movie, it appears too ephemeral to be real. We humans are the characters, God is the producer and His messengers are the directors. Our destiny can be likened to our roles in this movie, while the scripture is our script and guide.

This movie is filled with actions, suspense and surprises. It can be envisaged to end tragic because all characters will eventually die and return to the producer. However, there will be an award day where the producer will reward every character according to our performances. The devil is our antagonist who inflicts turmoil in our toil-riddled movie, harping on a quest to distract many and lead them astray.

It is ridiculous how some characters are so engrossed with actions that are not in line with their roles. Some over-act while few are confused and confusing others. Unfortunately, this movie is getting to a climax, “the end” time is close. When you hear Cut! Will you be caught unaware? No matter how long this season movie of life is, it will end sometime. Act well! Have a blessed week.

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David Hume asserted that God might be a “Sadist” because inspite His Omnipotence, He decided to “fold His arms” and allowed increasing evil in the good world He created. As much as I disagree with him with the concept of “freewill”, it is evident that matters of life are truly daunting!

The gory sight of these casualties has left me bewildered if there is still dignity for human lives to some people. Life is an integral entity that constitutes our divine essence and identity, with a mystical code that cannot be duplicated. It is therefore baffling how terminating such has become palatable to the nefarious perpetrators in our society.

They slaughtered their fellow mortals, forcing their souls out of their bodies, rendering their spirits stranded in quest for vengeance. The innocence of these victims makes my florescence of emotions weary, I cannot but ponder how their fate has attracted such a gruesome end.

Arise! Oh benevolent Creator of souls! Let there be a karmic vibration (law of karma), let nemesis catch up with the evil doers of our time. Enough is enough! Let the panjandrums who sponsor them regret in agony. To the bigots, take note that God did not mandate his folks to kill in His name. Live and let live! Those who were slain do not look ‘slay’ like us.

Take your time to thank God for life and pray for these faithful departed in southern Kaduna.This will not be our portion this year 2017 and beyond IJN!

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Welcome to 2017, Happy new year!
This year, your laughter shall be great, your joy shall overflow and your prosperity shall be secured in Jesus name. You shall be preserved and protected from every evil in the year in Jesus name. Congratulations.

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